Behind the curtains at Celebrity Forecast we are a group of 8 young girls who are passionate about pop culture and of course, gossip! (who would’ve thought). This is where we share own passion as well as get messages through which may not be very clearly portrayed by the mainstream media. We believe that celebrities, gurus, and many super-star faces have a bigger impact on our daily lives than we perhaps realize. We also believe that every single person deserves to see highlighted media articles from between the lines. We dig deep into pop-cultural issues to get as much information as we possibly can to try open you up to the full story.

As well as believing that everyone deserves to see everything as the full truth, we also believe you deserve to live life without having to worry about your expenses! That is why we are currently working on opening our very own affordable store! But of course going into business takes a lot of work and legal work so we are not yet ready to open our online store. Keep an eye out and to stay posted with our latest updates, please sign up to our email list here!

You can also contact us at the following emails:

celebforecast.manager@gmail.com (for business enquiries)


celebforecast@post.com (for site/general enquiries)