The Cash-me-ousside girl is taking on the Kardashians

Earlier today, Danielle Bregoli (publicly well-known as the ‘Cash-me-ousside’ girl), has been reported to make comments on the Kardashians and stating that she “will whip all them Kardashian asses”. 

DISCLAIMER: All opinion pieces in this article are PERSON OPINIONS of the authors and in no way should be taken as facts but as biased opinions of an open-minded being.

The internet sensation has taken social media by storm following her language on Dr. Phil‘s show. Many have re-blogged, re-posted and re-edited her widely spread memes and videos while others watched in disapproval.

According to, Danielle attacked the Kardashians, “What are they here for? They’re fucking talent-less. She fucked Ray J, now she’s famous.” A little ironic coming from you Danielle?

Danielle calls the Kardashians ‘talent-less’ and ‘attention-seekers’ but when you look at the image of her….she’s nothing more. After comments on this video, we are expecting the Kardashian’s to attack back but we see otherwise….we see the media planning a headline-worthy drama to play with people’s attention and time.

Now according to many media sources, the Kardashians’ response is yet to follow. But after watching the video, if I was a Kardashian I wouldn’t give the slightest attention to this young spoilt-brat.

At only 13-years old, we at celebrity forecast believe that something wavey is going on. By wavey we mean not straight. Of course we’ve all heard about wild teenagers but Danielle’s case is going a bit far. We all talk about ‘role models’ and this girl seems to be a typical tween ‘role model’. But apparently this is not what we want…right…? Then why does this young ‘sensation’ continue to make headlines with her unacceptable behavior? I was speaking to an 11-year-old two days ago when she calls her friend over to film her rude behavior towards me. Of course I knew this video was soon going to be online in hope of making it go viral…is this what we want?

You may think the best way to control this is to stop grabbing attention to the topic but that will not solve the issue. We are writing this article to grab attention to what we believe is the truth when the media won’t.

Okay, the headlines are out but what now?

From this we can all learn something…the media is trying to shape our minds in a certain way but we run this blog to help you realize otherwise. After watching her mothers comments on Danielle going viral, it shows that her mother is putting her daughter forward for her own benefits. She’s using the media to brainwash people and take over social media.

Now, we at celebrity forecast can only do so much about the HUGE issue of media portrayal but this is our go at is, let us know your opinions by sharing them below!

After all, this IS an opinion piece, take from it what you desire and here is the video for you to watch and decide for yourself:

Watch video here (opens in new tab)

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